Cranberry Hall Farm

Cookstown, NJ


Game birds, Pheasants and Chukars for sale in NJ, fresh meats, and Jersey Fresh fruits and vegetables

Cranberry Hall Farm is a family owned farm that makes a concentrated effort to farm sustainably by using an integrated pest management system (IPM) and as many organic practices as possible whenever practical. Dennis and Susan Roohr are the owners of Cranberry Hall Farm. They both come from a long history of farming families and continue the tradition at their 112-acre farm in Cookstown, New Jersey. Initially purchased as a dairy farm, the Roohr's transitioned to vegetables and then added grain and livestock to diversify the operation.

Over time, Dennis and Sue developed relationships with neighboring landowners and adjacent townships that support the farm and help in crop rotations. Nathan, Daniel, Katie and Chuck are their four children. While the kids all maintain off farm jobs, they each spend time helping in production, harvest and getting the produce to market in the Summer. Dennis and Susan have always been and continue to be full-time farmers.


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